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Finding the best sugar glider breeders is very important to the well being and happiness of your pet sugar gliders future with you.

Most of the time,cute and cuddly animals are the most desired pets to be taken home and that certainly includes sugar gliders. There is no doubt that sugar gliders may draw the impulsive behavior of a pet lover because of its beauty and charm. But before buying in a snap, be sure you are dealing with an honest, professional breeder.

Among the reported issues with sugar gliders bought on the internet or a pet store is the pet’s difficulty to bond with its new owner. For this reason, great pet sellers would give you a baby sugar glider and not an old one. There is a preferred age of a sugar glider for it to establish bonds with the pet owner. Gliders should be at least 7 to 9 weeks old, just after the “weaning” period, the baby glider, called the joey, can easily and naturally bond with those it regularly mingles with.

Sugar Glider Joey

These include both people and other pet animals. It should be noted, however, that the adjustment period may take up to two months. It doesn’t mean however, that buying an older sugar glider is a big no-no. The truth is, older gliders can also make that wanted connection if bonded with and reared properly during the first 9 weeks. Those sold in pet stores are not ideally bonded, thus it is difficult to rear them later.

There are things you must consider before buying a sugar glider.

First, see to it that the glider is active and positively responds to handling as these are signs that the animal is in good health. The sugar glider should also have sparkling ebony eyes and muscular body. You cannot do such physical inspection when buying online, thus a big disadvantage on your part. In addition, some online sellers ship the gliders via an airplane which is another losing situation on your side as the sugar gliders are exposed to greater dangers.

An honest sugar glider breeder knows that the glider must be shipped with at least 3 or 4 gliders. Improper shipping of the animal will result in its death. The animal may arrive okay at a glance but after some weeks, some medical issues will show.

sugar glider breeders

Lastly and most importantly, be sure that the seller has a United States issued federal license for the transaction to be legitimate. Keep in mind that you are dealing with an exotic animal, thus the breeder must also have a license for exotic pets acquired from the US Department of Agriculture.


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